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Important Annoucements


 A reminder that we follow Loudoun County for RE class cancellations. Please check LCPS for closing information.


Click here for a complete schedule of classes.


First Holy Communion

Click here for:

                      Mass Assignments  -     2015 First Holy Communion Mass Assignments

                      First Holy Communion Checklist  -    First Holy Communion Checklist

                     First Penance/Holy Communion Parent Meeting Handout  - Handout


Confirmation Requirements

The following are the required documents for Confirmation Candidates.  To access the documents just click on the underlined title of the document.  They can also be found in the box at the bottom of the page.

For the 7th Grade Confirmation Candidates:

--Saint Report Guidelines  Report Due--April 15, 2015

For 8th Grade Confirmation Candidates:

--Spiritual Activity Guidelines Due--October 1, 2014

--Works of Mercy  Due--December 1, 2014

 --Letter to the Bishop Guidelines  Due--March 1, 2015

--Sponsor Form  Due--April 1, 2015

For 9th Grade Confirmation Candidates:

-- Retreat Permission Form

--Interview Review Sheet

--Priest Interview Schedule

Review Sheets for 7th & 8th Finals:

--7th Grade Review Sheet

--8th Grade Review Sheet

Religious Education Information

Welcome to Religious Education!

 Larry Bayne, D.R.E.

 Constance Gilligan, Secretary

Myriam Perez, Secretary

The Religious Education office is located at 21370 St. Theresa Lane, Ashburn, Virginia, 703-729-3714.  Office Hours are:

·        Monday & Wednesday 10am - 7:30pm

·        Tuesday 10am-6pm

·        Thursday 9 am- 4 pm

·        Friday 9 am - noon

The email address is



Please see the Weekly Bulletin for all current activities.

In the event of inclement weather, we follow the Loudoun County Schools.  If Loudoun classes are cancelled, dismissed early, or after-school activities for the entire county are cancelled, RE classes are cancelled for that day.

All volunteers must attend a VIRTUS seminar on child protection.  This is a Diocese of Arlington requirement.  If you are volunteering to teach, aide, or assist regularly in the RE Program, you must attend this program (even if you attended the old-styled sexual abuse seminar in the past!).  You must register online advance.  For more information, visit, or contact our Parish Child Safety Coordinator Connie Gilligan at 703-729-3714.  

All persons working for the parish or volunteering with children in the parish (RE, sports, school, Youth Ministry, scouting, etc.) need to fill out the background check paperwork.  For more information contact Connie Gilligan at 703-729-3714. 

All paperwork can be downloaded from the Catholic Diocese of Arlington's website:  Diocesan Policies and ProceduresVolunteers need to download and read the Code of Conduct.  Then print it out, sign and turn in the last page to the RE Office.

2014/15 RE Documents and Forms
 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
2nd Grade/First Communion Preparation Policy AgreementSTC Admin 7/3/201396.56 KBDownload
7th & 8th Grade Student & Parent Preparation Policy AgreementSTC Admin 7/2/2013155.87 KBDownload
7th Grade Review Sheet for FinalSTC Admin 12/16/2014304.13 KBDownload
8th Grade Review Sheet for FinalSTC Admin 3/25/2014338.17 KBDownload
Basic Certification Course FlyerSTC Admin 12/10/2014485.81 KBDownload
Basic Certification Registration FormSTC Admin 12/10/2014390.30 KBDownload
Class ScheduleSTC Admin 9/11/201497.17 KBDownload
Classroom AssignmentsSTC Admin 9/24/2014146.69 KBDownload
First Holy Communion ChecklistSTC Admin 1/14/2015100.83 KBDownload
First Holy Communion Mass AssignmentSTC Admin 1/14/201571.04 KBDownload
First Penance/Holy Communion Meeting HandoutSTC Admin 1/14/2015516.02 KBDownload
Minor Child Volunteer Religious Education ContractSTC Admin 4/16/201150.60 KBDownload
Parking Lot MapSTC Admin 9/4/2014330.93 KBDownload
Penance Guide for Young PeopleSTC Admin 3/19/2015259.61 KBDownload
Profession of FaithSTC Admin 9/18/201463.54 KBDownload
RE Calendar 2014-2015STC Admin 10/9/201490.72 KBDownload
RE Handbook 2014-2015STC Admin 10/9/20142.44 MBDownload
RE Volunteer Position DescriptionsSTC Admin 6/26/2014313.49 KBDownload
Registration FAQsSTC Admin 8/18/201110.99 KBDownload
Review Sheet for 7th Grade MidtermSTC Admin 1/8/2014239.29 KBDownload
Review Sheet for 8th Grade MidtermSTC Admin 1/8/2014350.93 KBDownload
Youth Safe-Environment Opt-Out FormSTC Admin 9/30/2014300.18 KBDownload
RE Volunteer Information


 Our program is dependent on volunteers. Volunteers get early registration in subsequent years. If you would like to volunteer, please access the Volunteer Registration Form . (You will receive “There is a problem with this website's security certificate warning, do you want to proceed to this webpage, certificate error”, it is safe to proceed.   This is just accessing our server for registration). This form must be submitted on-line only.  No paper copies will be accepted.   

 Please remember this is a yearlong commitment and the children's success in their Religious Education depends on your dedication.  All volunteers must be VIRTUS certified prior to volunteering.  Please contact Connie Gilligan, 703-729-3714, Parish Child Safety Coordinator. (See more details in the RE News section).

 If you are a minor volunteering in our program, this form must be filled out by you and a parent before you can be placed in a position.  Minor Volunteer Religious Education Contract


 Would you like to volunteer?

There are many ways to volunteer for Religious Education. We need teachers, aides, coordinators, hall monitors, parking lot monitors, etc.  Please prayerfully consider volunteering.

Click here for descriptions of volunteer opportunities.



Resources for Volunteers

Basic Certification Course Flyer

Registration Form


Confirmation Requirements
 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Spiritual Activity GuidelinesSTC Admin 6/13/201426.34 KBDownload
Saint Report GuidelinesSTC Admin 9/23/2011174.21 KBDownload
Works of Mercy ProjectSTC Admin 7/28/2014147.13 KBDownload
Sponsor FormSTC Admin 1/9/201463.65 KBDownload
Priest Interview Schedule for ConfirmationSTC Admin 10/16/2014175.15 KBDownload
Letter to the Bishop GuidelinesSTC Admin 4/1/2014102.10 KBDownload
Review Sheet for the Confirmation InterviewsSTC Admin 10/16/201459.55 KBDownload
Retreat Permission FormSTC Admin 8/29/2014228.36 KBDownload
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